Thoughts on building a test team

Thoughts on my ideal test team.

The make up of a test team is imperative. I believe there are two main considerations that must be considered. Soft Skills and technical skills ideally you want a team which covers all these skills as a team.  You are not necessarily going to find these skills all in the one person and if you did you may find that they won’t be great at all


The PR guy
Doesn’t really get their hands too dirty with the nuts and bolts of testing understands concepts and can talk his way out of a paper bag.  Often found using sentences ‘like lets socialise this to the wider team’, ‘is this solution scalable’ and ‘I’m writing a communication piece’.  This person knows the right terms to pull our at the right time. These people are best used talking to management in meetings whilst the real testing ius being done. Fantastic at presenting to large groups and is very personable.. Give PM’s a great sense of comfort.
The automation guy
Leave him alone he’s automating the never ending automation scripts you’ll find him talking to support of reading forums.  Once again he’s not the really going to get his hands dirty doing manual testing and if he does he’ll resent it!.  Set them specific goals and time boxes.  Never leave them alone too long. Ensure that they don’t drift off into automation land never to return.. Its also easy to set them utility tasks like data creation which is good if thats what they were bought on to do. But get them involved on the critical path
The doer
The Ideas guy